Two heads, two forked tongues, four eyes, two brains, one stomach and a whole lot of strength and attitude is the best way to describe one of our most photographed and adored residents at The Reptile Zoo, our very own Texas Rat Snake appropriately named Thelma and Louise! Once every several years or so a two-headed snake is born and in the wild they don’t live very long at all, what with two-heads fighting for the same food and having much trouble deciding which way to go, sometimes they will even mistake one head for a predator and try and eat itself, but in captivity here at The Reptile Zoo our two-headed snake, Thelma and Louise will live a very long and happy life! Thelma and Louise were found under a rock in Texas and they or she rather is a crowd favorite. Yes, both heads are alive! And yes both heads bite! Texas rat snakes are known for their voracious appetites and Thelma and Louise have the same appetite doubled! She can even eat from both heads at the same time! Like most Texas Rat Snakes she will grow to over 6 feet long making her one of the longest two-headed snakes around.