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Running The Reptile Zoo and caring for our thousands of animals takes a lot of hard work and funds. We’ve got the hard work taken care of, but the funds are not as easy to find. Profits from Prehistoric Pets, The Reptile Zoo, and Jurassic Parties transfer directly into caring for our animals, compensating our fabulous team members, and anything left is put into expanding The Reptile Zoo.

We have big plans here at The Reptile Zoo, including our Alligator Enclosure, Cobra Exhibit, Snapping Turtle Enclosure, Central Air Conditioning throughout The Reptile Zoo, not to mention updating all of our smaller enclosures to the quality of our recent improvements. Unfortunately right now these plans are on hold until the proper funds can be collected.

We would love for you to join with us in improving The Reptile Zoo for your family and the thousands who enjoy our services in the community. Any amount is appreciated in helping us reach our goals to better benefit and educate the community. Donations can be made in person at The Reptile Zoo and soon online.

Thank you for your support.