The Reptile Zoo's size, location, exotic animals, and themed decor make it the perfect backdrop for all kinds of shoots including reality TV, news, YouTube, and class projects.

Permit applications must be received by Prehistoric Inc. at least 3 working days prior to your first proposed date of filming. Processing of permit may take up to five working days and is based on availability. Only complete applications accepted.

Incomplete applications will be returned for correction and processing will be delayed. If an application section does not apply to your project please indicate by entering N/A in the space. All changes to information stated below will require a minimum 24 hour notice, and may incur revision fee, and void availability.

Use of the facility for educational filming or promotion of Prehistoric Inc. is determined on a case by case basis and may incur an hourly fee. Use of the facility for commercial filming will incur a minimum $750 per hour fee.
Applications can be returned ATTN: Laura Brewer by email to

Permit does not become valid without written consent from the Prehistoric Inc representative.